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Hong Kong Limericks

PUBLISHED : Thursday, 16 June, 2016, 3:13pm
UPDATED : Wednesday, 19 October, 2016, 5:11pm

The city has had a quiet week: But nothing livens it up like a bunch of topical limericks!

The last Hong Kong bookseller’s back!

And he's telling the world all the facts:
He WAS abducted!
The confession? Constructed.
Here's hoping he don't get the axe…

Lancôme, in some fever dream,
Signed Denise Ho to their team:
Not long after hiring her 
They got on with firing her:
Does Lancôme make face-saving cream?

The Urban Renewal Authority
Has a $4.5b surplus, apparently. 
But who cares if we lose
Our heritage views?
For there’s nothing better than profit, see?

New TSA tests are good fun— 
Or better, at least, than the old ones.
But will easier tests
Give children a rest?
Nah, they’ve still got tiger mums. 

The third runway’s been struggling for cash of late:
They’re upping our air fares to compensate.
But it kind of seems
That it’s all just a scheme:
‘Cause if tickets were cheaper, we’d emigrate.

Almost here is the first of July
And everyone’s antsy. We see why:
Will protests be concerted?
Or will the streets be deserted?
Either way, we’re all chanting: “Anyone but CY!”


A limerick has been updated from its original version to reflect recent events.