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Last Week in Viral News

We take a look back at the local news that spread like wildfire.

PUBLISHED : Friday, 17 June, 2016, 12:15pm
UPDATED : Wednesday, 19 October, 2016, 5:12pm

Jun 4, Sat: A man is seen on a packed MTR carriage, carrying a fridge that is roughly his height. Netizens are unimpressed: Last year MTR staff had prevented musicians from carrying large instruments onto the train, citing size regulations.

Jun 5, Sun: A minute-long video uploaded to Facebook goes viral: At a fast food restaurant in Ma On Shan, a man in his 30s holds a newspaper in one hand. He appears to be staring at the legs of a woman sitting nearby. His free hand seems to be moving behind the newspaper around his crotch area. Netizens suggest he is merely relieving an itch.

Jun 6, Mon: A couple orders fried noodles for lunch at a restaurant in Lam Tin. The woman finds two suspicious-looking objects in the noodles and her husband examines them. Thinking that it is undercooked cloud ear fungus, he puts one in his mouth and immediately spits it out after detecting a foul taste and a feces-like texture. The couple calls the police and takes the dish away as evidence. 

Jun 7, Tue: A woman in her 60s is trying to steal a designer handbag from a store in Wan Chai when one of the owners stops her. They start fighting, and the suspected thief hits her with a meat mallet. Two plainclothes police officers in the area rush to the scene and arrest the suspect, whom they find is carrying a box cutter. The store owner is sent to hospital for injuries to her lower jaw.

Jun 8, Wed: A pheasant escapes from workers of the Agriculture, Fisheries and Conservation Department at the Cheung Sha Wan Temporary Wholesale Poultry Market during a culling operation to control avian flu. AFCD staff try to catch it with nets but it escapes and flees to the highway, where it is run over by a car.

Jun 9, Thu: At around 4am, a man tries to gain access to the bathroom at a 24-hour McDonald’s in Causeway Bay, but an employee stops him because the restaurant has been closed for cleaning. The man yells angrily at the staff and sprints towards the toilet. After making use of the facilities and leaving the restaurant, the man returns with around 10 other men, and they beat up three McDonald’s staff. Outside the store, one employee falls to the pavement as four or five men punch and kick him. The police arrive after the attackers have fled, and the employees are sent to hospital for treatment.

Jun 10, Fri: A photo uploaded to Facebook goes viral: Four women are washing their hair in a stream on Tai Mo Shan. Netizens express concern that the chemicals in the shampoo will pollute the environment and endanger wildlife.