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Five Netflix Character Mustaches to Get in Hong Kong

What is the measure of a man? Integrity? Sense of responsibility? Or perhaps, an exquisite upper lip? Just in time for Dad’s day, we find inspiration from some of our favorite Netflix personalities on how to make your mustache memorable, and we’ve rounded up where to get it done in Hong Kong.

PUBLISHED : Friday, 17 June, 2016, 6:24pm
UPDATED : Wednesday, 19 October, 2016, 5:12pm

Look Like: The Emperor
Kublai Khan, from “Marco Polo”
It ain’t easy being a warmonger, that’s for sure. Yes, you’ve got a dope crib and concubines aplenty, but on the other hand, putting up with the assassination attempts, trying to expand your kingdom while babysitting some young Italian punk who’s only going to take you for your noodles, plus, probably, a pretty terrible bathroom situation (it’s 1271 AD, what else would you expect?) is not a party state of affairs. Luckily, the one thing you can control is that sweet, sweet ‘stache sitch. It’s got everything: Neckbeard. Sidepiece. Handlebar. Endlessly strokable goatee. Oh yes, Kublai Khan’s got it all.

Get the Look: The Emperor shouldn’t settle for any young tattooed hairstylist whose resume only boasts a nothing but undercuts. Only The Mandarin Barber (5 Connaught Rd., Central. 2825-4088) understands how a grown man should groom himself. 

Look Like: The Lone Ranger
Ramon from “The Ridiculous 6”
When you’ve got Adam Sandler directing a Western-flavored comedy called “The Ridiculous 6,” you know the humor isn’t always going to be 100 percent politically correct. Enter Rob Schneider as Ramon, a Mexican burro rider and half-brother to Sandler’s Robin-Hood-esque protagonist, Tommy. He’s got the ‘stache of Yosemite Sam and the subtle desperation of a washed out 90s comedian with no other available options—try this style on for size if you’re looking for a preventative measure against forming fulfilling and constructive social relationships.

Get the Look: On the other hand, if you just want to be That Intolerable Hipster and, like Rob, get an ironic throwback mustache referencing a place and period you’re utterly ill-equipped to appropriate, try Visage One (93 Hollywood Rd., Central. 2523-8988), a hair salon by day and blues bar by night. 

Look Like: The Pornstache
George “Pornstache” Mendez from “Orange Is the New Black”
It’s hard to separate the man from the mustache, and in the case of George “Pornstache” Mendez, nearly impossible. He’s literally every worst quality in a person—morally bankrupt, tyrannical, desperately lonely and driven by lust, and psychopathically delusional—and anyone can spot it a mile away by two things: his Corrections Officers’ uniform and that mustache. Talk about a statement piece. 

Get the Look: Love the mustache but hate the man? Try London-style Fox and the Barber (41-43 Graham St., Central. 2405-6880) for an expert shave, with a comparable impact. Start sporting an unforgettable ‘stache that reflects your true colors and maybe you’ll be up for a nickname change soon. The Stallion, perhaps? 

Look Like: The Brooklyn Bae
Dev Shah from “Master of None”
Sometimes it’s okay to just be a chill guy with simple desires. After all, who among us doesn’t want the same things he wants? A tighter relationship with his folks, a strong sense of identity, a fulfilling romantic life, a reliable internet connection, to be represented in media, and delicious pasta. Dev Shah lives in all of us, and confronts the same problems that we all experience daily. His clean-cut style, trimmed but apparent facial hair, and extremely non-confrontational haircut represents the polite everyman. And you know what? Sometimes, that’s the best way to be. 

Get the Look: If you, like Dev, are all about kicking it old school, hearing some stories from the old world, and getting an unfussy and inexpensive shave from a cheery barber, there’s only one place to go. The Shanghai Kiu Kwun Barber Shop (74C Java Rd., North Point. 2563-1266) is a 30-year-old institution (widely regarded as Hong Kong’s oldest barbershop) known for their manual clippers and $70 cuts. 

Look Like: The Drug Kingpin
Pablo Escobar from “Narcos”
The kind of person who wears a mustache is the kind of person who really wants to make a statement about who they are, what they do, and what kinds of principles they’re willing to protect. Think Tom Selleck from “Magnum P.I.”, the frustratingly cheeky Clark Gable, and of course, Pablo Escobar (played by Wagner Moura), who puts the ‘lord’ back in ‘druglord.’  What’s he hiding behind that thick Chevron-style ‘stache? Nobody knows: Not the DEA agents on his back, rival cartels, the CIA, not even his own family. What’s cooler than cool? Ice cold. And that slick mustache. 

Get the Look: When you’ve got a target on your back from almost everyone around you, you’re not going to want to waste time Googling where to go. Leave that for the chumps. The Barber Shop ( 1/F, 15B Wellington St., Central. 2537-4292) offers simple, no fuss shaves in a classic setting, and, hidden away in a laneway, it’s the perfect place to dodge the feds.