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Last Week in Viral News

We take a look back at the local news that spread like wildfire.

PUBLISHED : Friday, 24 June, 2016, 10:07am
UPDATED : Wednesday, 19 October, 2016, 5:14pm

Jun 11, Sat: #abandoned A photo uploaded to Instagram goes viral: A Hong Kong woman goes to Taiwan and buys a cat. She later realizes that she cannot bring the cat with her back to Hong Kong, and so snaps and uploads a photo of the animal, along with the caption, “It’s on the streets now. Hopefully someone nice will adopt it.”

Jun 12, Sun: Masturbation Marathon At around 2am, a naked man is spotted standing at the window of his apartment in Shek Pai Wan. He is looking through a pair of binoculars at the opposite block while smiling and masturbating. Several times, he clambers onto the window for a better view. This behavior continues for three hours.

Jun 13, Mon: Long Fingers of the Law A lawyer appears in court charged with attacking her legal partner. The accused had resigned from her job but refused to hand over key documents. When her partner tried to grab them, the accused allegedly stuck her fingers into her mouth to fight her off, causing an injury. The hearing continues.

Jun 14, Tue: Forgetful “Parent” A middle-aged man stands alone among parents waiting outside a Yuen Long kindergarten as though he were waiting for his child. When approached by a teacher, he claims to have forgotten his child’s name and he’ll have to ask the child’s aunt what it is. The school’s principal escorts him away from campus to “look for her.” The school calls the police.

Jun 15, Wed: Driver-Off A minute-long video uploaded to Facebook goes viral: A KMB bus driver gets into a fight with another man who appears to be a minibus driver. The KMB driver smacks the minibus driver in the face with a collapsible umbrella. After a skirmish, the KMB driver pauses to place his two bags on the ground, adjust his uniform, and then redoubles his attack. Netizens are concerned that the bus driver will lose his job, while others criticize the duo’s ineffectual fighting techniques.

Jun 16, Thu: Pretty Obvious A photo of a license plate goes viral: The caption reads, “I know what you like, I know what your hobby is. I know that your license plate number is… BJ69.”

Jun 17, Fri: Just in Time A fourth floor subdivided flat in Aberdeen catches fire. A mother climbs out of the window of the burning flat, cradling her two-month-old baby. She sits on a ledge near an air-conditioning unit, waiting to be rescued. Her cousin, who lives in the same building, sees her and heads down to the light well with a neighbor. They stretch out a blanket below the woman and urge her to toss her baby onto the blanket. Firemen arrive and rescue the pair before she acts.