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Last Week in Viral News

We take a look back at the local news that spread like wildfire.

PUBLISHED : Thursday, 30 June, 2016, 10:19am
UPDATED : Wednesday, 19 October, 2016, 5:14pm

Jun 18, Sat: A woman holds a young boy close to the opening of a rubbish bin so that he can urinate into it. A passerby takes a photo of the pair and uploads it to Facebook. Netizens commend the woman for making sure the boy urinated into the bin and not onto the pavement.

Jun 19, Sun: A video of yet another bus altercation racks up thousands of views on social media. A woman passenger demands to know why the driver only opened one half of the double doors for her, demanding his staff ID number so she can complain. A passenger tells the woman to just look at the plaque next to the driver, but she says she can’t see it. He replies, “You must be blind!” and the couple start arguing instead. The driver tries to intervene, without success.

Jun 20, Mon: At around 10am, a taxi driver is driving towards Mong Kok along Prince Edward Road East when he sees a naked man jogging past his taxi in the opposite direction. Other motorists slow down to avoid hitting the man.

Jun  21, Tue: A photo uploaded to Facebook goes viral: A middle-aged man is seen resting against a railing in Chuk Yuen, completely nude. Police arrive and escort the man to a nearby taxi. Netizens speculate the man is a taxi driver who simply couldn’t stand the summer heat.

Jun 22, Wed: A woman opens up a live crab she bought from a Tsuen Wan wet market and finds 10 metal balls under its shell. She takes a photo of the discovery and uploads it to Facebook. Netizens jokingly chime in, claiming to have found phones and laptops in fish they bought from the market.

Jun 23, Thu: The District Court is hearing a case against a man accused of duping a woman into performing sex acts with him. Prosecutors claim the man posed as a feng shui and astrology expert, saying he could mend the woman’s relationship with her estranged boyfriend if she had ritualistic sex with him. He also allegedly asked the woman to send him sexually explicit photos to increase the effectiveness of the rituals. The trial continues.

Jun 24, Fri: At around 8am, a turtle the size of a hand falls from a Tuen Mun residential building. Police pronounce it dead at the scene and return the carcass to its owner, who claims that the turtle lost its footing.