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Jorge Blass on Teaching David Copperfield His Tricks

One of Europe's top illusionists, the Spanish magician has performed around the world.

PUBLISHED : Wednesday, 06 July, 2016, 10:26am
UPDATED : Wednesday, 19 October, 2016, 5:15pm

I started learning magic when I was 12 years old. I love how magic can transform people. This is the most amazing thing about magic: You can transform people from being bored to happy. We create the fantasy. I did my first performance when I was 15, I was very nervous. After that, I studied psychology at university, and then I combined my studies at university with my performances.

I got a very prestigious award when I was 19 years old. It was the Golden Magic Wand of Monte Carlo. Prince Rainier presented me with the award. This was the start of my international career: I started to perform in other countries. I traveled to Las Vegas, and there I met [Las Vegas legends] Siegfried & Roy. 

I kept performing and improving my magic: When I was 20 I started to perform professionally. I’m 36 now, so I’ve been doing magic professionally for 16 years. I look young because of wine—Spanish wine keeps you very young. 

I’ve been to 40 countries, all over the world. But I love Madrid even more than before. I would love to come to Hong Kong to perform. It’s not planned yet, but I hope very soon I can come back with a full theater show. I’m a good friend of [Taiwanese magician] Lu Chen. I think he’s one of the greatest magicians in Asia. Maybe we can teleport to each other!

"With magic, we can bring people together."

When you travel to other countries, you discover new experiences, new cultures, but I think that helps you understand how good your own country is. Madrid is amazing, and has so many things that are magical. My house is right in front of the Royal Palace, I open my window every day and I see the Palace. It’s beautiful. 

I love to travel but I always want to come back, because in Spain we have a very good way of life. Everyone really has a very nice quality of life. It’s different from other countries: In Madrid, we have an hour and a half to have lunch. The companies all stop to have lunch. Not a quick one: one with first course, second course, dessert—and it’s very cheap. 

It’s the way of life, but it’s still productive. When I go to New York, to Vegas, sometimes it’s difficult. I think we Spanish people are efficient, but we work to a different time schedule.

A few months ago, my cell phone rang. I took it and I heard, “Hi, David Copperfield here.” I was amazed. How did he get my number? He’s THE magician. He wanted to perform a trick I invented. It’s a trick combining social media with magic. I fused the two together to create an illusion: He saw that video on Youtube and he called me. So now he will be performing my trick in his show. I traveled to Vegas to teach him my trick—it was impressive, me teaching magic to this guy! 

It’s a trick about social media. It’s teleportation—you choose a friend from your Facebook page, and I’ll make that friend appear in the theater. It’s about technology and human relations. I talk about how amazing technology is, we can communicate with each other, we can text and email, but there’s no touching. With magic, we make your friend appear, and you can hug that friend in the theater. It’s a very special moment we create. It’s a very emotional and spectacular trick.

We magicians represent people’s dreams on the stage. People would love to fly, for example, so we magicians fly onstage. People would love to multiply money, so we make that dream come true. It’s a fantasy, but it’s a fantasy that people love to believe. To create new material, new magic, I study people, I study human desires, what people really want.With magic, we can bring people together. It’s all about people, their desires, their wishes, and to make them come true.