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Dessert Cocktails, Indian Street Snacks and a Michelin Tea Menu

This week's new and noted restaurants. 

PUBLISHED : Tuesday, 05 July, 2016, 10:45am
UPDATED : Wednesday, 19 October, 2016, 5:15pm

Jerry Maguire
The current cocktail-dessert craze is full steam ahead, and the latest to jump on the bandwagon is Jerry Maguire, opened by Paul Kwok, a veteran of the hospitality industry who was involved in the launch of Play, Volar and Finds, to name a few. The warm, wood-paneled and brightly lit space (necessary for those Insta shots) with its retro pink neon sign is cozy and inviting, with private sections including a back room and a small backyard. There are a few savory items to start, from slow-cooked beef tenderloin ($158) to stuffed chicken wings ($98) but of course the sweet spot is in the desserts and cocktails. With pastry chef Ediwah Tang at the helm, desserts are sure to draw the requisite “oohs” and “aahs” around the table, with imaginative creations such as the Choco Late with chocolate lava pudding and Nutella soil, and the signature Jerry Maguire Cheesecake Crunch—a field of crunchy biscuits, free-form smears of Baileys hazelnut cheesecake, and dark chocolate frozen foam. Continue your romp through this adult candy store with kooky cocktails including the Alice The Wonderland ($198) with rum, midori, elderflower syrup, pineapple juice, and a spun sugar web giving a whimsical cotton candy effect.

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Love curry, but don’t want an Indian dinner that leaves your insides rumbling into the next morning? It seems Bindaas has cracked the code with their new summer menu. Modern takes on Indian street food reign supreme here, like the tokri ($88), a fried potato basket covered in cool yoghurt, lentil dumplings and pomegranate seeds. The new miniature dosas stuffed with cheese and chutney ($98); the dahi ke kebab yogurt patties ($108); and the beef galawati patties with mint granita ($148) are also safely addictive. The chargrilled “dum” lamb chops ($158) are incredibly flavorful, fantastic on their own or with mustard and chutney. We can’t guarantee you’ll be beached-whale-syndrome-free after you round out your meal with baskets of fresh naan and delicious desserts, but for small bites over cocktails with live acoustic 80s-90s classics in the background, we’re singing Bindaas’ praises.

Yan Toh Heen
It’s all about detoxing from the heat at the InterContinental's Yan Toh Heen this summer with the five-year Mandarin Zest Pu Er, the fragrant focal point of this season’s tea pairing menu (through Aug 31; $888 for lunch pairing, $2,688 for dinner pairing). The beautiful tea is made by stuffing natural red mandarins from the village of Tian Ma in Guangzhou with aged pu er (or “bo lei”) tea leaves, then smoking them over a lychee wood fire before being placed in a drying room to age for five years. The reward of this cumbersome process is in the complex and subtle aroma of the product, harmoniously infusing pu er tea tones with the scent of citric acid. Drink in the pleasant richness of the tea in between bites of golden stuffed crab shell with crabmeat, wok-fried wagyu beef with maitake mushrooms, lobster with spicy salt, and fried rice wrapped and steamed in a lotus leaf.

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