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Pimp My CE: How Hong Kong's Chief Executive CY Leung Can Win Our Hearts

With a year of his service period term still to go, the Chief Execubot has fallen into disrepair. But never fear! Our top team of CYbernetics experts will take him from creaky rustbucket to well-oiled political machine. 

PUBLISHED : Thursday, 30 June, 2016, 3:26pm
UPDATED : Wednesday, 19 October, 2016, 5:15pm

What's Wrong with The Chief?

But Seriously...

According to the UN, Hong Kong ranks a miserable 75 out of 157 places surveyed in the world happiness rankings—just one spot ahead of Somalia. Here are six things we think CY could do in his last year to put a smile back on people’s faces.

1. Spend that Surplus 

Hong Kong is fabulously wealthy, but the divide between rich and poor has never been wider. Every year the government grossly underestimates its multi-billion-dollar budget surplus, money it squirrels away for a rainy day. Spending that cash is the best way to leave us with a happier society.

2. Cull the White Elephants

In April, HK Magazine reported that the government is spending the best part of $1 trillion on white elephant projects—enormously expensive construction projects that deliver few benefits to us. Cutting back on these would free up funds (see no.1) to make the city a better place.

3. Go Green or Go Home

Hong Kong lags far behind other world cities when it comes 
to environmental action. According to the Clean Air Network, air pollution is continuing to worsen. To tackle it, the government must enforce more rigorous targets. Meanwhile, public faith in recycling programs must be restored—or maybe even just created in the first place.

4. Fix Housing

Property prices in the city are infamously ludicrous, and whether buying or renting we’re paying more per square foot than almost anyone else on Earth. The Chief Executive could make it a priority to divert cash to public housing, alleviating the strain on young families and low earners.

5. Sell China

This isn’t an easy one, but it is an area where a small amount of effort could pay out considerable dividends. If CY could pitch a good case for closer ties with the mainland—without using propaganda-packed jargon like “One Belt, One Road” and while defending rule of law—he’d get a lot more of us on-side. Our advice: start with the money argument.

6. Connect with the People

CY has introduced a variety of populist initiatives, yet he still suffers from the lowest popularity ratings of any Chief Executive. Analysts have attributed this to his apparent aloof demeanor. If CY could demonstrate a human side, he might rise in the public’s estimations—which could in turn improve public confidence in city authorities. Achieving that in the space of a year, however, could be a tall order. 

Here to Serve

CY Leung is the second highest-paid political leader in the world…Is he worth it?

Who's fit to be Chief?