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Last Week In Viral News

We take a look back at the local news that spread like wildfire.

PUBLISHED : Thursday, 14 July, 2016, 11:33am
UPDATED : Wednesday, 19 October, 2016, 5:16pm

Jul 2, Sat: In a video uploaded to Facebook, a security guard at a bank in Tai Po is seen chasing a mouse around with a mop. After multiple attempts to hit the mouse with the handle, he manages to strike the rodent and knock it out. The security guard then sweeps the motionless creature out onto the street.

Jul 3, Sun: At around 6am in Wan Chai, a Citybus employee discovers that the office at the bus terminus has been broken into, and the pantry has been ransacked. It appears that the only missing items are a $3,000 fridge and a $500 microwave. 

Jul 4, Mon: At around 6am, a woman buys a newspaper from “Sleeping Por Por,” the elderly owner of a Mong Kok newspaper stand who recently made headlines after she was robbed, incurring an injury and losing more than $10,000. The elderly owner is known for sleeping at her stall. After leaving some money, the woman hovers over the stall, pouting and posing for selfies with the sleeping woman.

Jul 5, Tue: Footage of an incident at a Ngau Tau Kok kindergarten surfaces: A child accidentally spills water on his desk and walks out of the classroom to fetch a broom to clean up. Irritated that he did not get a towel instead, a teacher goes to put the broom back. When the child follows her out of the classroom, another irritated teacher orders him to sit back down, slapping him in the face. She is later fired.

Jul 6, Wed: At around 2pm, a woman experiences a sharp pain in her tongue while eating a pork chop at a restaurant in Tsuen Wan. She spits out her food and finds a centimeter-long staple in it. She complains to a restaurant employee, who offers either a free meal or some chili oil as compensation. The woman rejects the offer and insists on being taken to a doctor. An officer from the Food and Environmental Hygiene Department takes the woman’s meal away for testing.

Jul 7, Thu: A woman undergoing divorce proceedings returns to her Tin Shui Wai home to visit her son and collect her personal belongings. She gets into an argument with her husband and phones her boyfriend for emotional support. The boyfriend arrives at the scene, enraging her husband, who grabs a knife from the kitchen and attacks him with it. Fighting back, the boyfriend bites the husband’s ear, tearing off a piece of cartilage. The woman calls the police, who break up the fight and arrest both men.

Jul 8, Fri: In the late afternoon, a woman is walking on the pavement along Johnston Road in Wan Chai when a lump of concrete falls from a construction site overhead and strikes her in the head, drawing blood. She is taken to the hospital.