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Albin Brion Helps Alleviate Foot Problems with Tailor Made Insole Service

PUBLISHED : Tuesday, 16 August, 2016, 4:28pm
UPDATED : Wednesday, 19 October, 2016, 5:17pm

We speak to Albin Brion, resident podiatrist at The Landmark Mandarin Oriental’s Oriental Spa, who tells us about their tailor made insole service, the BGA Insoles.

Why would someone need tailor made insoles? We spend about half of our lives sleeping and the other half standing, so you should never neglect the mattress, and your pair of shoes. Our insoles guide the foot to work in the proper way, with a b-shape design: The back is like a little cocoon to keep the heel in place, so that the skin doesn’t chafe away, especially helping women with calluses and cracks on the heel. We’re unique, because we are the only place which can have your insoles ready within an hour and a half. Normally other podiatrists take about two weeks, because they need to send the mold to a factory.

How does it help alleviate foot problems? The definition of comfort is cushioning plus stability. The reason why you have calluses, corns or dead skin is because you have too much pressure on one part. We want to distribute the body weight on a greater surface—reduce the overall pressure and the dead skin will disappear on its own.

Are they useful for kids too? Children’s bones grow faster than the muscles. The insoles can help to correct the angle of the feet slightly and we want to encourage a healthy posture. We can help from ages 7-15. After the bones are already developed, we can only assist a little.

What kind of problems can the insoles help alleviate that regular massage can't? Foot massage is good for relaxing, blood flow, joint mobility, but it won’t change the posture of your body. Wearing insoles gives more of a long term benefit. Suddenly your feet are straight, which can realign your knee, change your hip, and all these muscles that were a little tight—suddenly you don’t need to go to a massage anymore!

The BGA Insoles are available for smart and sports shoes. Book a 30-minute consultation by calling The Oriental Spa at 2132-0011 or visit