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US Consul General Clifford Hart, AKA "Clifford BB," Bids Hong Kong Farewell with a Suitably Crazy Cantonese Video

The beloved Consul General finishes his time in Hong Kong this week—and he's making sure we won't forget him.

PUBLISHED : Wednesday, 20 July, 2016, 4:09pm
UPDATED : Wednesday, 19 October, 2016, 5:17pm

US Consul General Clifford Hart, affectionately known as “Clifford BB,” spends his last day in office this Friday. In this all-Cantonese video, he looks back at the three years he’s spent in his favorite city in the world, Hong Kong:

"If I had to put an expiry date on my love for Hong Kong, I hope it'll be in 10,000 years," says Hart in the video, alluding to the Stephen Chow film ""A Chinese Odyssey."

Hart is known for his love for Hong Kong food—plain congee and steamed fish in particular—and culture, and his social media savvy. He is a frequent poster of selfies to the Consulate's social media page. His yearly Chinese new year greeting videos showed off his Cantonese skills—and some very... creative minds in the Consulate.

Hart was also loved for his approachable demanor, his stance against shark finning and his support of the city's LGBTQ movement.

Hart will be replaced by Kurt Tong, who takes over the position in August. Tong was previously at the State Department in Washington DC. Meanwhile, Hart says he’ll be retiring from diplomacy and entering the private sector.

Keep up your Cantonese and come back for cheese noodles and sushi anytime, Clifford BB!