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Pokémon GO is FINALLY out in Hong Kong

The worldwide phenomenon is here to make navigating Hong Kong streets harder than ever.

PUBLISHED : Monday, 25 July, 2016, 1:27pm
UPDATED : Wednesday, 19 October, 2016, 5:18pm

Yes, it’s here, at last. Nintendo’s phenomenally successful mobile game Pokémon Go has just dropped in Hong Kong.

The game, which is free and available on both Android and iOS, allows players to catch virtual Pokémon while travelling in the real world. As the game has access to the clock and GPS on your phone, different types and numbers of monsters will pop up on your screen depending on where you’re standing, and what time of the day it is.

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For instance, water-type Pokémon are more likely to appear near lakes and rivers—so Ocean Park is probably jam-packed with Squirtles and Psyducks. We’re assuming Lan Kwai Fong will be full of… last-night's-party Pokémon?

Writing this in our Tai Po office, we’re spotting a handful of Pokéstops in the Harborfront Park next door, where you can replenish Pokéballs and collect items, as well as find gyms where you can fight other players.

Sorry, bosses. You can say goodbye to productivity for the rest of the week…