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Tried and Tested: Brow Embroidery at Browhaus

We try Browhaus' signature Brow Resurrection service: Their special take on the brow embroidery trend.

PUBLISHED : Wednesday, 03 August, 2016, 4:18pm
UPDATED : Wednesday, 19 October, 2016, 5:20pm

The Basics: Brow trends change fast: in the last five years, we’ve gone from Cara Delevingne’s fierce, bushy arches to the lighter and boxier brows of Korean soap stars; now, everyone is looking for full yet natural-looking brows. But brows are fickle: they can be overplucked, too wispy, sparse or patchy. Browhaus, Asia’s leading brow salon with locations from Singapore to New York, finds the potential in your brows and painstakingly etches realistic-looking hair strands along the browbone with their unique brow embroidery technique for results that last up to 18 months with six-month tune-ups.

Browhaus' whimsical interiors

The Experience: Set up in a series of circus-like tents, each one a private room, Browhaus is sleek, modern yet fun. After signing up and being led into one of the tents, Tracy, Browhaus’s main embroidery therapist, carefully examined my eyebrows, isolating the tail, marking where the inner eyebrows should start and my peak arch (hey, little dude! There you are! Where’ve you been hiding?), and made her recommendations based on my face shape and personal preferences. When we finalized the design, she etched out the shape on my eyebrows, cleaned up stray hairs, applied some numbing cream and prepared the color. We decided on a mix of ash blonde (darker than you think) and medium brown (way darker than you think), and went to town with a tiny razor, creating small incisions just below the first layer of skin and then going over with color. Minimally painful, but definitely bizarre-feeling: You can hear the process, and feel it only in texture—but it doesn’t actually hurt, and it’s done in half an hour.

Applying numbing cream on model

The Takeaway: I was given a combo of antibacterial drops and a moisturizer (named Build and Fix, respectively), specific instructions for aftercare and an invitation to come back within six months for a tune-up. My brows were well-defined and, remarkably, three dimensionally natural. We had decided on a gentle arch, a slightly longer tail, and an inner eyebrow that protruded slightly into my T-zone, pulling my wide set eyes together and making them seem larger. The brows look great, and feel only a little bit itchy only a little bit of the time, which should go away, but the best part? Saying goodbye to the eyebrow pencil.

Browhaus, 10/F, 8 Lyndhurst Terrace, Central. 3950-3950,