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The Running Men: Hong Kong Chief Executive Contenders

The city’s been rocked this week by the news that the Magnificent Tsangs—John and Jasper—have both declared an interest in the 2017 Chief Executive race. But what are the strengths and weaknesses of these candidates, and how do they compare to the incumbent? 

PUBLISHED : Friday, 05 August, 2016, 1:31pm
UPDATED : Wednesday, 19 October, 2016, 5:20pm

Candidate One:Incumbent CE CY Leung

Looks like: Besuited vampire
Allegiances: China
Dresses: Like a middle manager
Western analogue: Love-or-hate-him Donald Trump
Track record: Disastrous
Public opinion: Vitriolic hatred
Dirty Secret: Left luggage scandal, DTZ/UGL payment scandal... 
Our take: Sooner he’s gone the better

Candidate Two: Ex-LegCo President Jasper Tsang

Looks like: Besuited frog
Allegiances: Hong Kong????
Dresses: Like an 18th-century mandarin
Western analogue: Establishment fixture Hillary Clinton
Track record: Solid if unspectacular
Public opinion: *shrug*
Dirty Secret: Whatsapp threads with Pro-Beijingers while he was meant to be impartial
Our take: Cautious optimism

Candidate Three: Financial Secretary John Tsang

Looks like: Besuited walrus
Allegiances: Whatever’s popular
Dresses: Inexplicably
Western analogue: Boris Johnson & Bernie Sanders’ lovechild
Track record: Massively underestimated budget surplus for eight years in a row
Public opinion: Adoration for his buffoonish antics
Dirty Secret: Shhh… the mustache is a stick-on
Our take: At least it’d be funny