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Taiwan Goes Poké-crazy as Poké-Business Opportunities Emerge

Not caught up with the Pokémon fad yet? Look what you're missing out on!

PUBLISHED : Wednesday, 10 August, 2016, 5:20pm
UPDATED : Wednesday, 19 October, 2016, 5:21pm

A funeral parlor in Taiwan is offering discounts for Pokémon Go-related deaths after Niantic’s smartphone game absorbed Taiwan into its pocket monster-saturated map.

Sheng An Life Service Corporation, a Taichung-based funeral company, began offering 13% off all Pokémon Go-related demises following the game's release in Taiwan on August 6. The CEO of the company said that the incentive was intended to remind players to pay attention to personal safety.

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Within three days of the game's Taiwan launch, 349 drivers had been fined for playing the game whilst driving.

Some shops saw this as the perfect business opportunity, and rightly so. Shopping center Breeze Xin Yi announced on its Facebook page that it would give membership points in exchange for Pokémons captured in their shops—more specifically, 500 points for every 30 Pokémons. The mall added to the allure by revealing that Farfetch’d, a rare Pokémon only found in Asia, has also been spotted in the area.

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Meanwhile in Hong Kong, insurance agents are offering special “Pokémon Trainer Accident Insurance Package” for gamers in case of Pokémon-related injuries and illness. Ads have been popping up on Facebook, including one that reads “Guaranteed protection for Pokémon trainers to catch Pokémon safely 365 days a year.”

However, spokespersons for Manulife and MassMutual Asia told South China Morning Post that they do not have any insurance plans specifically for Pokémon Go players. Jimmy Poon, a governing committee member of the Hong Kong Federation of Insurers, suggests that such "insurance plans" were just marketing gimmicks repackaged as personal accident insurance plans.