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Last Week in Viral News

Bizarre Hong Kong happenings that have been the talk of the town (or at least the internet) lately.

PUBLISHED : Friday, 12 August, 2016, 1:05pm
UPDATED : Wednesday, 19 October, 2016, 5:21pm

Jul 30, Sat: A female passenger on board a Cathay Pacific flight gets into a dispute with cabin crew after being told that inflight meals for children are not available. Enraged, she throws orange juice at a flight attendant. She is arrested on her arrival at Hong Kong.

Jul 31, Sun: A teenager is playing Pokémon Go when he accidentally drops his mobile phone into Lam Tsuen River in Tai Po. He wades into the river to retrieve his phone but is unable to climb back out. He is eventually rescued by passersby.


Aug 1, Mon: A large group of young people gathers near the People’s Liberation Army Hong Kong Garrison in Central amid heightened police presence at the venue, where an official event is in session. Alerted to the possibility that they may be localist protesters, police officers rush to the scene—only to discover that the suspects are in fact Pokémon “trainers.”

Aug 2, Tue: A dozen head of cattle occupy a canopy outside a police station on Lantau Island as Typhoon Nida strikes the city. No action is taken by police officers, who allow the cattle to shelter.

Aug 3, Wed: An elevator at HKU MTR station on Pokfulam Road drops two floors after reaching ground level. The elevator continues to sway as its four passengers await rescue. Five minutes later, the elevator returns to ground level and the passengers leave unscathed.

Aug 4, Thu: Upset with its behavior, woman leaves her Pomeranian outside her Tsz Wan Shan apartment block. Some teenagers see this and let the dog into the lobby. The woman is outraged. When the teenagers offer to buy the dog from her, she is enraged further. She snatches the dog off the ground and, entering the lift, slams the pet to the elevator floor. Police are called to the scene.

Aug 5, Fri: A photo uploaded to Facebook goes viral: A minibus passenger mistakenly drops his Octopus card into the coin pay box. Commenters express sympathy, saying they’ve all been there.