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Last Week in Viral News

The week in weird.

PUBLISHED : Friday, 26 August, 2016, 12:23pm
UPDATED : Wednesday, 19 October, 2016, 5:24pm

Aug 13, Sat: A 14-year-old girl returns to the video game arcade where she lost her mobile phone and wallet and realizes they have been stolen. She calls the police, who arrest a suspect at the scene. Believing that another suspect left the arcade with the stolen items, the police look through surveillance footage and identify the suspect as a fellow officer in the Narcotics Bureau. She is later arrested.

Aug 14, Sun: In the small hours, a large shop window on Argyle Street cracks into tiny pieces, setting off the security alarm. On investigation, police surmise that the glass cracked of its own accord.

Aug 15, Mon: A photo uploaded to Facebook goes viral: A woman is pictured sitting with her daughter on the MTR, holding an open umbrella. Enraged netizens point out that it is inauspicious to open an umbrella indoors, especially during the Hungry Ghost Festival.

Aug 16, Tue: Kowloon Tong MTR station: Seemingly dissatisfied with how she got in his way, a man slaps a woman twice across the face. The woman falls to the ground unconscious. MTR staff call the police, who arrest the man at the scene.

Aug 17, Wed: On Tolo Highway, an eight-vehicle crash involving cars, trucks and a desludging vehicle leaves three drivers and passengers trapped, and sewage spewing onto the highway. Firemen arrive to free the trapped individuals, who are sent to hospital with minor injuries.

Aug 18, Thu: Outside the entrance to a temple in Kwun Tong, a 32-year-old man attempts to steal money from an offering box using a clothes hanger. A witness calls the police, who arrest the man.

Aug 19, Fri: A video on Facebook goes viral: A woman who appears to be pregnant is shown beating up a man near Hollywood Plaza in Mong Kok. She berates him for leaving her after getting her pregnant, and demands that he marry her. The man cries for help from passersby while the beating persists for some 20 minutes. Police eventually arrive and arrest the couple for fighting in public.