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Last Week in Viral News

The week in weird.

PUBLISHED : Friday, 02 September, 2016, 4:11pm
UPDATED : Wednesday, 19 October, 2016, 5:25pm

Aug 20, Sat: Tucking into an ice cream cone she bought at the supermarket, a woman bites down on something hard. Thinking it’s a chocolate chip, she tries to chew through it, to no avail. She spits it out to discover she’s been chewing on a two-inch nail.

Aug 21, Sun: A woman is getting a perm at a hair salon in Sham Shui Po when the perm machine begins emitting sparks, setting fire to her hair. Her sister grabs the machine to move it away from her, scorching her hands in the process. Both women are taken to hospital where they are treated for burns.

Aug 22, Mon: A family report their 8-year-old child missing after he vanished while they were having lunch in Tsim Sha Tsui. Eight hours later, the child reappears at Disneyland on Lantau Island. The boy tells theme park staff he had headed there himself. Disney notifies the police, who reunite the boy with his parents.

Aug 23, Tue: A 33-year-old man wearing a backpack boards the East Rail line at Lo Wu MTR station. Shortly after, something in his backpack explodes, injuring a nearby passenger. Police are called and initially suspect that the man’s laptop caused the explosion. Upon further investigation it is revealed that the source of the “explosion” is a burst bottle of soda.

Aug 24, Wed: A mother goat and her kid go missing, leaving behind a visibly distressed father goat. Their owner, a Ta Kwu Ling resident, sets out to hunt for the culprit. He and several friends capture a slow-moving, sunbathing python that appears to have recently eaten a full meal, and hand it over to authorities. A new partner for the bereaved goat is being sought.

Aug 25, Thu: A little after midnight along Kwun Tong Road, a 40-year-old restaurant worker who has just gotten off work tries to take a shortcut home—across six lanes of traffic. She is hit by a car being driven by an off-duty police officer. Emergency services rush her to hospital with serious injuries.

Aug 26, Fri: Early morning, and a 21-year-old man accidentally drops his phone into the waters off Kwun Tong Ferry Pier. He jumps into the sea and successfully retrieves his phone, but passersby see him struggling and call the emergency services. It takes the combined efforts of the fire department and the marine police to fish him out of the water.