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It's raining fish on Sep 5. Illustration: Joyce Kwok

Last Week in Viral News

We take a look back at the local news that spread like wildfire.

Sep 3, Sat: A video goes viral: In Wan Chai, a passenger in a van catches a taxi driver masturbating while stopped at a red light. His genitals are in plain sight in the video, as an unwitting female passenger sits in the back seat. He drives off with his member still on display.

Sep 4, Sun: Residents at a retirement home in To Kwa Wan are given cue cards “reminding” them to vote for the pro-Beijing Democratic Alliance for the Betterment and Progress of Hong Kong. Young people claiming to be the residents’ relatives later arrive to escort them to polling stations. When asked, one of the seniors tells reporters she doesn’t know any of the young people, and that an employee at the home had told her to vote for candidate 802—DAB chair Starry Lee—without explaining who the number represented.

Sep 5, Mon: A Tsing Yi public housing estate puts up notices prohibiting residents from hanging fish out of their windows. The crackdown began when residents began finding the laundry they’d hung out to dry had been soiled by liquid dripping from salted fish hung out by residents living on the floors above.

Sep 6, Tue: Early morning near Prince Edward MTR station: A man tries but fails to catch a KMB bus headed for Mong Kok. Outraged, he rushes in front of the vehicle, bangs on the windshield and refuses to get out of the way. The driver reports the incident to KMB headquarters, which hands the matter over to the police.

Sep 7, Wed: Tsuen Wan Magistrates’ Court fines a 70-year-old man $30,000 for the illegal possession of hunting “appliances” and endangered animal parts. The Agriculture, Fisheries and Conservation Department had earlier discovered frozen monkey and Chinese porcupine remains in his fridge, along with other unidentifiable animal parts. The man told the court he had been defending his crops against the wild animals, the meat of which he was saving for his dog.

Sep 8, Thu: Around noon in Mong Kok, two teenage girls are spotted sitting on the roof of a 24-story building with their legs dangling off the edge. A worried passerby calls the authorities, and police and fire department officers arrive and cordon off portions of Shanghai and Shantung Streets. When they arrive on the roof, they discover the two girls chatting and, according to officers, “having a romantic picnic.” The girls are taken to the police station for questioning.

Sep 9, Fri: At around midnight, a group of teenagers are hanging out by the waterfront in Yau Ma Tei when they spot a pair of high-heeled shoes by the railing. Suspecting that someone may have jumped into the sea, they call the police. Fire services and frogmen conduct a four-hour search but to no avail. It is later determined that the shoes had been there for several hours. They are classified as lost property.