1.  Worthy COS With it being cold and dark for much of the year in Sweden, Swedes do slow, depressing cop dramas and winter clothing rather well. And few brands do the latter as well as COS. Sleeves are out for the Swedish brand this year but you can still keep out the chill with layering - take a look at this trendy but simple boiled-wool sleeveless jumper (right; HK$790) and the sleeveless hooded wool coat (left; HK$1,750). COS is at 74 Queen's Road Central, tel: 3580 7938.

2.  Scent of a man There was a time, back in the Victorian era, when being accused of smelling like a "gentleman" would have been a source of umbrage, leading to the victim exclaiming, "Sir, I demand satisfaction", and pistols at dawn. Today, thankfully, it means one has the good tasteto choose one of Penhaligon's' wonderful old-world scents. A nice Christmas set sure to please any man is a bottle of the Blenheim bouquet eau de toilette (right; HK$1,310) and the Blenheim bouquet aftershave balm (left; HK$480). Penhaligon's is in IFC Mall, tel: 2359 3001.

3.  Changing collars Celebrating 60 years of being awesome, Ascot Chang has given men everywhere the perfect solution to collar stains ruining their favourite shirts - detachable collars! We love the 60th-anniversary limited-edition detachable-collar shirt collection. Only 60 sets of shirts will be created in each of four fabrics and our picks are the blue and green plaid (left; HK$3,495) and the purple stripe (right; HK$2,515). Each shirt comes with three collars - the cutaway, the English spread and forward point - which means you effectively get the illusion of three shirts for the price of one. Ascot Chang is in IFC Mall, Central, tel: 2295 3833.

4.  Yule cool Always trying and failing to be contrary and cool, we’ve avoided mentioning Christmas here at The goods, but with December 25 mere days away we’ve caved in to the excitement and the prospect of overeating, over-drinking and over-gifting. Whether you’re in search of a gift for yourself or someone else, why not get down to Club Monaco and bag yourself a nice Christmas jumper (HK$1,490) made of Icelandic Fair Isle wool? Finish off the Yuletide look with a stripy dress shirt (HK$1,290) and chinos (HK$1,090) and throw in a wool utility tote bag (HK$2,990; all far right) to carry everything in. We also like this warm and relaxed look of Grant moleskin blazer (HK$3,990), herringbone navy cardigan (HK$1,590), plaid flannel scarf (HK$990), Edward shirt (HK$790) and twill trousers (HK$1,290; all right). Club Monaco is at 16 Queen’s Road Central, tel: 2118 2987.