Behind the label: Nude Diamond

Marisa Pinto

Who started it? Belgium-based Gary Pill and Fabrice Elfassy launched their minimalist jewellery label in September. Coming from three generations of diamond cutters, Pill remembers being perched on his grandfather’s knee as a child, examining stones in his Antwerp workshop. Elfassy has a retail and product-design background.

Why we love it: the modern, minimalist designs are making diamonds relevant to a new generation. The jewellery is simple, with no heavy settings or ostentatious designs, allowing the diamonds to really shine. Small and discreet, the gems are fixed on delicate, goldchain bracelets and necklaces while, on rings and earrings, the stones hang from thin, understated gold bands.

What we’d pick: if we were getting married, we’d drop some serious hints about Nude Diamond to our beau. The engagement rings are stunning and subtle, and we love the delicate Clover ring (above; HK$9,699), featuring two finely cut diamonds hanging from a golden loop. We also love the Audrey necklace (below; HK$24,396), with its champagne, pear-shaped diamond, and the Shamal drop, loop earrings (HK$11,649), for their subtle elegance.

Where can you get it? Nude Diamond is available at