(From left): Jean wears asymmetric shirt (HK$15,050) by Loewe. Relaxed-fit jeans (HK$6,800) by Dior Homme. Glasses (HK$5,680) by Thom Browne from Puyi 1881. V Printed Monogram tote (HK$18,800) by Louis Vuitton. Butterfly case from Deyrolle Paris, stylist's own. Leather sketchbooks (A4 size, HK$8,700; A3 size, HK$10,500) by Burberry Prorsum.

Adrien wears sweatshirt (HK$4,200), trousers (HK$6,950) and shoes (HK$8,000), all by Bottega Veneta. Eyewear by Giorgio Armani (inquiries: 2532 7700).Vadim wears vest (HK$5,150) by Gucci.

Timur wears silk one-piece (HK$29,450) by La Perla Homme. Scarf (worn as belt; HK$4,100) by Hermès. Sandals (HK$8,200) by Prada. Leather sketchbook (A3 size, HK$10,500) by Burberry Prorsum.


Vadim (front) wears vests and gown (HK$10,500), all by Dries Van Noten from Joyce (inquiries: 2113 5288). Leather shorts (HK$14,600) by Balenciaga. Belt (HK$124) from Horoscope & Name (Trendy Zone, 580A Nathan Road, Mong Kok).

Timur wears shirt with Cooper harness (HK$6,900) and quilted trousers (HK$7,700), both by Dries Van Noten from Lane Crawford. Shoes (HK$3,400) by Dries Van Noten from Joyce. Earring, model's own.


Timur (left) wears patterned shirt (HK$6,800) and scarf (HK$10,500), both by Louis Vuitton. Striped bow tie, stylist’s own. Trousers with side stripe (HK$4,890) by Carven from Lane Crawford. Calf-leather shoes (HK$8,000) by Bottega Veneta. Earring, model’s own.

Jean wears suit jacket (HK$26,000), shirt cardigan (HK$7,100) and trousers (HK$8,200), all by Giorgio Armani. Loafers (HK$9,900) by Berluti.


Dyed jumper (HK$14,750) by Bottega Veneta. Jeans (HK$5,499) by eYe Junya Watanabe and sandals (HK$1,799) by Camper, both from I.T.


Timur wears kimono night robe (HK$27,700) by La Perla Homme. Kimono shirt by Emporio Armani (inquiries: 2532 7711). Necklace (HK$120) from Horoscope & Name. Trousers (HK$7,700) by Dries Van Noten from Lane Crawford. Hat (HK$2,800) by Lock & Co from On Pedder, The Landmark, Central.

Adrien wears shirt (HK$5,800) and trousers (HK$6,950) by Bottega Veneta.

Vadim wears jacquard chiffon gilet (HK$23,550) by La Perla Homme.


Oversized trench coat (HK$21,000) by Giorgio Armani. Vest (HK$2,200) by Moncler Gamme Bleu. Trousers (HK$8,150) by Loewe. V Printed Monogram tote by Louis Vuitton and butterfly case, same as before. Necklace, model's own.


Vadim wears asymmetric shirt (HK$15,050) by Loewe. Eyewear by Giorgio Armani.

Timur wears striped shirt (HK$9,400) by Loewe. Earring, model's own.


Blazer (HK$17,800) and shirt (HK$4,150), both by Prada. Leather hat (HK$3,699) by Julius from I.T.


Photographer Olivier Yoan
Stylist Cheryl Leung
Production P. Ramakrishnan
Hair Tristan Waikong
Grooming Karen Yiu
Photo assistants Thomson Yung and Fritz Nispel
Stylist assistants Vinz Tam and Wong Ka-yan
Models Vadim Grishaev, Timur Simakov and Adrien Jacques (all from Model Genesis) and Jean Gorguet