Murder by dismemberment; a Chinese millionaire with a potential love child; and a reality television star faking it to make it.

All these elements came together last month in one of the oddest and most disturbing crimes Vancouver has seen.

Gang Yuan, 41, was found cut into more than 100 pieces (for "easy disposal", according to the police) at his C$5 million (HK$31 million) mansion, in an expensive suburb of West Vancouver. Li Zhao, 54, who is married to a cousin of the victim, has been charged with second-degree murder and interference with a dead body.

Zhao, his wife, their daughter and his mother-in-law were all living in the mansion with Yuan. They were financially supported by their relative, whose estate is estimated to be worth C$50 million.

According to Chris Johnson, the lawyer for the victim's brother, when Yuan arrived in Canada, in 2007, the Zhao family had been struggling. The millionaire, who made his money in real estate, offered them a home, put some of his assets in their names and supported them financially.

Some flaunted that support more than others. The accused's daughter, who lived off Yuan's largesse, is well known as Florence Zhao, or Flo Z: one of the four stars of the Vancouver-based YouTube reality show Ultra Rich Asian Girls.

In one episode, Flo Z takes the film crew to a private island and shows off a Rolls Royce, both of which belonged to her mother's cousin but which she claimed were her own, says Johnson.

Yuan's wealth has been seen as the main motive for his murder; within days of his death, Zhao - before being arrested - was allegedly seen driving the victim's Bentley around town.

"So, the question arises, why would someone kill his benefactor?" asks Johnson. "There is really only one conclusion: Zhao did this for financial reasons."

The story doesn't end there. In another twist, a Los Angeles-based art gallery owner named Xuan Yang is now petitioning the courts for a DNA sample from one of Yuan's 100 parts to confirm he was the father of her daughter.

Yang and Yuan had been engaged in a tumultuous relationship, say her lawyers, but had resolved their issues long before he was murdered.

Even in death, it seems, some want their piece of the millionaire.