I have packing for my summer holidays in Europe down to a science, but I am about to set off for an American adventure and I'm rather stymied! In particular, I've been invited to a party called a "lobster bake" in the northeast of the country. What does one wear to such a thing?

Pining Pincers, Pok Fu Lam

The Dictator: Why are you asking me? Ask your hosts! Option one, lobster-themed dressing, enters the danger zone. The right vintage lobster-print dress might be OK, but you won't get your hands on the famous crustacean creation designed by Elsa Schiaparelli, in collaboration with Salvador Dali, in 1937. Etsy.com is lobster-crazy with handmade and vintage dresses (HK$199 and up), as well as the amazing Elizabeth Hawes Lobster Lounging Pajamas (circa 1939) for, ahem, HK$38,217. Quick! Modcloth.com is running out of stock on its top, skirt or dress in the vintage-inspired What A Catch print (HK$310 to HK$698). Beautiful shoes could work, such as Miss L-Fire's lobster sandals (HK$1,497; I.T), and the ironic, acrylic Tatty Devine lobster necklace (HK$477; www.selfridges.com) would be fun. New England seafood bakes are usually at or near the beach, which infers casual. So, option two would be jeans and a pretty top. Option three would be a pretty summer dress. Of course, heels would be absurd. Flat shoes or sandals are essential or, if sand-proficient, leg-lengthening wedges.

My skin always gets super dry and blotchy on planes and my usual creams don't really help. I've heard face masks are good, but I'd be too embarrassed to do that in front of everyone! Any fab products to recommend?

Plane Jane, Chek Lap Kok

The Dictator rules: Duh. Planes are arid environments that challenge even the dewiest of complexions. When plenty of water, sleep and the legendary skin saver Elizabeth Arden Eight Hour Cream Skin Protectant (HK$176.50; www.strawberrynet.com) are not enough, try a face mask. I'm serious. Not all of them make you look like Jason from Friday the 13th. There are plenty of cream-form skin masks (and there have been for ages) that are barely visible. Laneige's Water Sleeping Mask (HK$215) for all skin types offers an invisible "moisture wrap" of hydro ion mineral water, hunza apricot and evening primrose root extracts. New York-based facial expert Ling formulated the Ginseng Therapy Moisture Mask (HK$550; The Spa at Four Seasons Hotel, Central), which promises to soothe irritations and revive skin. Clarins offers the HydraQuench Cream Mask for dry skin (HK$360) while La Mer has an Intensive Revitalizing Mask (HK$1,500) that works its magic in just eight minutes. Just be sure to transfer your precious product into a travel-size container if it comes in larger packaging, or risk being arrested for air rage when they try to confiscate it. Remember that a mask is only one part of the skin-care regimen required for travel. You will still need to cleanse, tone and moisturise in the air.

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