Exceed your briefcase Dunhill is cool again and all it took was a charismatic Scotsman at the helm. Former Gucci designer John Ray has really hit his rhythm and, after transforming ready-to-wear, he’s now sprucing up accessories. We confess the Duke tan leather briefcase (above right; HK$32,500) is on our wish list but, short of selling a kidney, that’s where it’ll stay. We also love the suede Boston briefcase (above left; HK$18,900) with sophisticated navy blue accents. Dunhill is in the Prince’s Building, Central.

Breaking loose Hermès menswear designer Veronique Nichanian has an intuitive sense of where trends are going. Case in point, her summer collection, which is all prints and loose fits, just as menswear starts to move away from skinny styles and uniform colours. We love this look of straight collar slate cotton shirt with Jardin d'Arménie print (HK$13,400), loose fit poplin jogging pants with Glitch print (HK$13,700) and Ex Libris-print silk bandana (HK$1,840), with the look finished off with a calfskin navy tote (HK$30,500) and trainers (HK$5,700; all above right). Subtle elegance is also the mantra for this look of floral print cotton shirt (HK$9,300), sand-coloured loose-fit poplin jogging pants (HK$15,900), silk bandana (HK$1,840), canvas and calfskin tote (HK$30,500) completed with the same slip-on trainers as the previous look (all above left). Hermès is in Pacific Place, Admiralty.

Cool heads We know the proliferation of baseball caps is a sure sign that society is finally going to the dogs. Thankfully, a few people are swimming against the sartorial tide and wearing Lock & Co. Founded in 1676, the brand has found favour with the likes of Winston Churchill and Oscar Wilde, who I'm sure would have loved the Classic Panama (above left; HK$3,990), which has been hand-woven by 40 artisans no less. We're also digging the more youthful Jive Panama (above right; HK$2,490). Lock & Co is available from Daks in Pacific Place.


Every man jack Leather Converse Jack Purcells are a must for any man's trainer collection. Why, you ask? Well, aside from looking like the canine's nether regions, the timeless styling means JPs look good with anything. You could wear a rubbish bag and your feet would still look cool. Or something. We recommend the classic black leather JP (above right; HK$939) but these days they come in all sorts of eye catching colours, including maroon (above left; HK$759). Converse is in Hysan Place, Causeway Bay.