Kristina K (left) wears a silk blouse (HK$16,000) and copper knit dress (HK$42,500), both by Céline, sandals by Lanvin (inquiries: 2205 0013), socks by Carven (inquiries: 2801 4051) and clutch by Phillip Lim (inquiries: 2805 0688).

Kristina T wears fringed vest (HK$8,190) by Phillip Lim, floral vest and high-waist trousers (HK$3,490), both by Carven, boots by Lanvin and earrings (HK$6,100) by Céline.


Kristina T (left) wears a colour-block dress and gold drawstring bag (HK$10,950), both by Salvatore Ferragamo (inquiries: 2234 7388), shoes (HK$8,300) by Céline and earrings (HK$3,100) by Miu Miu.

Kristina K wears a knitted vest and long-sleeve turtleneck top, both by Carven (inquiries: 2801 4051), cropped trousers (HK$18,900) by Fendi, shoes (HK$5,900) by Céline, earrings (HK$3,100) by Miu Miu and a suede Barcelona bag (HK$19,150) by Loewe.


Kristina T (left) wears a silk blouse (HK$11,200) by Bottega Veneta, floral mini skirt (HK$2,890) by Carven and shoes (HK$8,750) by Miu Miu.

Kristina K wears a turtleneck top (HK$5,200), cardigan (HK$9,990) and suede skirt (HK$19,950), all by Loewe, and spazzolato rubber Mary Jane shoes (HK$7,600) by Prada.


Kristina K (left) wears a sleeveless shirt by Michael Kors (inquiries: 2411 1251), polka-dot vest (HK$8,850) by Bottega Veneta, trousers by Ellery from Lane Crawford (inquiries: 2118 3388) and double-breasted vest (HK$21,000) with plex crystal brooch (HK$7,150), both by Prada.

Kristina T wears a blouse (HK$6,600) and fur-trimmed jacket (HK$34,800), both by Prada, polka-dot trousers (HK$10,500) by Bottega Veneta and bag (HK$10,950) by Salvatore Ferragamo.


Pinstripe shirt (HK$26,100) by Balenciaga. Tweed jacket and headband, both by Chanel (inquiries: 2810 0978). Fur-cuffed jeans (HK$24,900) by Fendi. Suede puzzle bag (HK$19,000) by Loewe.


Kristina T (left) wears a shirt (HK$7,650) by Miu Miu, knitted jumper by Chanel, trousers by Chloé (inquiries: 2807 1101) and sandals by Lanvin (inquiries: 2205 0013).

Kristina K wears a silk blouse (HK$11,200) by Bottega Veneta, knitted vest by Chanel, trousers (HK$9,500) by Céline, sling-back flats by Jimmy Choo (inquiries: 2525 6068) and chain bag (HK$12,500) by Salvatore Ferragamo.


Photography Tim Wong
Art direction and styling Declan Chan
Hair Tristan Waikong
Make-up Evelyn Ho
Styling assistants Christina Peng and Jasmine Chan
Models Kristina T at Sun Esee and Kristina K at Style International Management