Woof woof Most men have a weakness for Bang & Olufsen, a totally illogical weakness. Sure it makes beautifully designed products that are cutting edge, technologically speaking, but you would need to sell a kidney to be able to afford some of them. If, however, you do have the spare change (or organ) lying around, may we recommend a few things from the Love Affair Collection (don’t worry, it’s not about “love” in that way, they just come in rose gold), such as the BeoPlay A9 speaker (above right; HK$21,000) and the wonderful BeoLab 19 wireless sub woofer (above left; HK$30,500). Bang & Olufsen is in Elements, Tsim Sha Tsui.

Getting fresh The goods spent the 1990s a little too obsessed with The Fresh Prince of Bel-Air. Yes, we did try to ape Will's rather eccentric approach to clothes - Air Jordan's with everything, basically. But now we're a little older we've realised that it is the wardrobe of Carlton, the preppy king himself, that has lasted the test of time. Jack Wills has got the Carlton preppy look locked down in this ensemble of Ordway boating blazer (HK$2,500), Salcombe poplin shirt (HK$750), Marlow cable crewneck (HK$880), Dernmore cargo shorts (HK$630) and Farnham leather boat shoes (HK$1,100; all above left). We also like this country club look of Wadsworth oxford shirt (HK$750), Aldgrove fine stripe polo (HK$490) and navy shorts (HK$560; all above right). Jack Wills is at 77 Leighton Road, Causeway Bay.


Boy next Dior Dior Homme has always had more license to be modernist and “different” than its parent fashion house’s womanswear line, which carries the weight of history on it. Consequently, you get all the best of the house of Dior, such as quality and craftsmanship – but also a talent like Kris Van Assche, who is given plenty of room to do his thing. And the maverick Belgian designer has most certainly done it again with his latest accessories range, the Dior Homme College Collection, which features the letter “D” and all looks a bit sporty. The line includes bags, duffels and such but we like the calfskin cardholder (above left; HK$2,900) and the navy leather wallet (above right; HK$3,600). Dior Homme is in The Landmark, Central.


Go deep When we first heard about John Lobb making trainers we thought it was about as left field an idea as opera singer Luciano Pavarotti doing a Baltimore deep house album. However, now we've had a few seasons to get used to the idea, and seen that the shoes are really rather good, well, we are big enough to admit that we were wrong (but not about Pavarotti doing deep house). We particularly love the Levah trainer from the latest collection (above; HK$5,940 a pair), which comes in a variety of lovely colours. John Lobb is in The Landmark, Central.

Abid Rahman