Apivita's Tonic Conditioner for Thinning Hair (HK$220/150ml) is packed with organic extracts, essential oils and Greek thyme honey, to stimulate growth and thicken and strengthen hair.








Sachajuan’s Ocean Mist Volume Shampoo (HK$180/ 250ml) and Conditioner (HK$200/250ml) are designed to strengthen and moisturise hair. Vegetable proteins and algae add shine, bounce and fullness.







Aveda's Smooth Infusion Nourishing Styling Crème (HK$280/250ml) is formulated to calm frizzy hair. Organic cupuaçu and shea butters help condition and tame both straight and curly locks. Infusions of maize, guar bean, rice bran and aloe also provide protection from sun damage.






John Masters Organics' Sculpting Clay - Medium hold (HK$325/ 60g) uses a blend of three clays, essential oils and beeswax to give a more natural lift with a matt finish. The silicone-free clay is said to protect hair from heat-styling damage and absorbs excess sebum, to ensure a long-lasting hold.