The frame game Maison Martin Margiela can do no wrong in our eyes even though, let’s be honest, it had a ropey time after Margiela himself left and new creative director John Galliano came on board. Still, things are right with the world of MMM again and it is still streets ahead of the rest when it comes to collaborations. After making trainers with Converse, MMM is turning its attention to eyewear, having teamed up with uber-hip Berlin brand Mykita to make sunglasses (above; HK$6,280 a pair) with raw unpolished acetate frames, in a variety of colours, that have a hipstery, industrial look. Maison Martin Margiela is in IFC Mall, Central.


Great minds ink alike “The pen is mightier than the sword” is what people who don’t have swords say. After all, you’re not gonna bring a pen to a knife fight. Unless it’s one of those James Bond pens that fires poison darts. But we digress. If, for whatever reason, you find yourself sword-less then a Dunhill pen may in equal part impress and spread fear in your colleagues, friends and enemies. Probably. AD Fighter pens (above; HK$3,500 for the silver, HK$3,200 for the black) are inspired by British Spitfire fighter planes, which is all fine and dandy, but the key point is that they are sleek, sophisticated and exude cool. Dunhill is in Pacific Place, Admiralty.

Star quality Sure, looking sharp has never been so easy, but men are still being led astray by flashy advertising in glossy magazines for products that are overpriced and badly made. At The goods, we thoroughly recommend making a trip to Ascot Chang for menswear done the right way. These two looks perfectly sum up the classical, restrained style AC is known for, beginning with the peak lapel flannel three-piece suit (HK$12,000), sky-blue cotton bespoke shirt (HK$2,995), Drake's navy tie (HK$1,500) and white linen pocket square (HK$120; all above right). Equally elegant is the navy chalkstripe flannel double-breasted suit (HK$10,720), white shirt (HK$1,020), knitted tie (HK$925) and pocket square (HK$120; all above left). Ascot Chang is in Prince's Building, Central.