In Hong Kong, we are as laissez faire about our public etiquette as we are about our tycoon economics.

It's not that we are any more rude than citizens of other cities, but we do less when others are ill-mannered in public.

People stream into MTR carriages before exiting passengers alight as a matter of routine; bumping into someone on the street is unremarkable; vans that block bus routes while offloading goods go unconfronted.

In Hong Kong, infractions that might incite a mob to violence in Beijing or Sydney are shrugged off.

Letter: Selfish attitudes now evident in Hong Kong society

The exception is, of course, Chinese tourists behaving badly, for which a cottage industry has sprung up of people filming and uploading any incident that has potential shock value.

This approach needs a broader application. Video anyone and everyone's misdemeanours! Make their vulgarities go viral! Start yelling at people!

Maybe you've met a drunken Australian trying to hijack a red minibus - shut him down! Next time that delivery guy uses his cart to block traffic for 30 minutes while he talks on his phone, film it.

My friends are pioneering this approach. Finding himself bum rushed and unable to exit a train as people piled in, one acquaintance recently hoisted up an onrushing interloper by her shoulders and deposited her at the back of the line.

It's time Hong Kong. Get in the scrum and yell at someone!


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