Who founded it? When celebrated jazz singer Brigitte Mitchell-Da Silva founded her label, in 2008, she was no stranger to fashion. “My mum’s family are all in the industry in Cape Town, and my parents have their own clothing plant. So since I was small, all I knew was the clothing business.” Before embarking on a musical career, Mitchell-Da Silva was a menswear designer, a line of work that is reflected in her brand’s DNA. “Designing menswear has also made me very picky about making sure the garment feels right, that people can move in it and that it feels comfortable.”

Why we love it: the clothes have an energetic, sporty vibe with a pared-down palette of black, white, charcoal grey, cream and powder blue, making each piece easy to mix and match. The prices are reasonable, too.

What we’d pick: the white mesh jumper (right; HK$980) with a sizzling sports bra (side note: it won’t shelter you from Hong Kong’s frigid airconditioning). For a short-sleeve option, there’s the black mesh tee (top right; HK$780). For feminine flair, go full force with the blue swing skirt (HK$1,300) paired here with the cotton crop top (HK$780; both top left).

Where can you get it? Viniga is available at www.viniga.com.