Facial cleanser, mask, body wash, soap and scrub are all options to detoxify and buff your skin.

Lush's Dark Angels fresh facial cleanser (HK$110/ 110 grams) is made from powdered charcoal sourced from Dorset, Britain, and coarse black sugar, which is perfect for gently removing dead skin cells. Cold, pressed avocado oil and vegetable glycerine help keep the skin looking hydrated.


Olive Wong, founder of local skincare brand INUF (I Never Use Foundation), believes that good skin needs no cosmetics. That’s why all her California-made products target different skin problems: the Charcoal mask (HK$490 for five) is designed for oil- and acne-prone skin types. The cotton mask is woven with charcoal extract for skin detoxification and soaked with kojic acid, retinyl palmitate and soothing aloe vera essence to unclog pores and prevent breakouts.

Riding on the success of its charcoal face mask, Origins has launched a collection that harnesses the deep cleansing and deodorising properties of bamboo charcoal. While the Purifying body wash (HK$190/200ml) and soap (HK$160/ 200 grams) will leave you feeling refreshed with a minty scent of clove and wintergreen, the Detoxifying scrub (HK$280/150ml) buffs your body with sea salts and brown sugar.