Where can I buy shoes with funny-shaped heels? I don't know how else to describe them. They are not straight and look more like a modern piece of art.
Sculpture Vulture, Tsim Sha Tsui

The Dictator rules: I have no words. No, I'm not being mean, for once. There just isn't the specific terminology. Let's start at Nine West. Its Orva pump in black or cream leather has silver high heels that look like stretched stars (HK$1,400); and the pointy-toed Sandra in graduated tones has a geometric block heel (HK$2,600). Otherwise, United Nude is the go-to brand for quirky, gravity-defying designs. Try this season's ankle boots, available in different colours with a faceted stack heel that resembles an uncut gem (HK$4,690; Harvey Nichols). Straight off the runway, Fendi's Fashion Show Boots come in various colours and patterns, with a distinctive lined wedge over a sculpted heel that looks like black ice (HK$9,100 to HK$12,200). Jeffrey Campbell's imaginative shoes include loafers, booties and boots with hollow metal frames as heels (HK$1,499 and up; I.T). And keep an eye out for the new Melissa collaboration with Chilean artist Sebastian Errazuriz, including the limited-edition Gold Digger, which has a heel in the shape of Greek titan Atlas, and The Boss with a heel that resembles brass knuckles (HK$3,400 per pair). Stella McCartney's new collection includes the Vanessa pumps with a "half cylinder" heel, showing a triangle from the side and rectangle from the back (HK$7,030).

I love those peasant tops Kate Moss wears. Are they still in?
Fashion Farmer, Central

The Dictator: Don't be such a peasant. Sounds awful in that context, doesn't it? So why are we still calling it a peasant blouse? Originating from the old, traditional dress of certain groups in Romania, Poland and other parts of Europe, the term refers to puffed sleeves gathering at the wrist, a square neckline and embroidered patterns. Since they became popular with hippies in the 1960s and 70s, however, they have come to signify loose-fitting, decorated and "ethnic" styles from Europe to South America to Asia. If you lean towards the boho chic of Kate Moss, then said tops should really be a wardrobe staple, not a trend item. Moss has been photographed in too many iterations to name here, but they include designs by Isabel Marant, who often shows tribal and travel influences in her work. This season, Marant's collection includes black silk tops embroidered with beige-gold, dark red and green threads (HK$6,890 and up). Tory Burch has captured the look in her gorgeous embroidered silk peasant top (HK$3,880), which comes in cream crepe de chine with navy and red embroidery inspired by exotic tiles and a split neck with tassel-ended ties. And if you like those, you'll love Talitha's travel-inspired embroidered tops (HK$4,885 and up; www.netaporter.com For cheaper versions, think Forever 21, In & Out Fashion and H&M.

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