I’ll come out and say it. I like the pink, raspberry, magenta, or whatever the colour’s called, trousers Rory McIlroy wore at the US PGA Championship. My friends say they wouldn’t hit the golf course with me if I turn up in a pair, but I’m seriously considering it. Any thoughts?

Mr Dapper: Your friends, sir, are either painfully conservative or ignorant about the history of golf wear. Indeed, questionable fashion, loud colours and obnoxious prints are inextricably linked with the sport, especially since televised coverage began. Veteran player Doug Sanders, for example, is famous for dressing from head to toe in a single colour, be it pink, purple or yellow. At the PGA in August, Rory McIlroy was seen wearing the Nike Modern men’s golf trousers in “Sport Fuchsia”, a hue that has since sold out. As an alternative, you might like a pair in sharp blue (HK$659; nike.com). Otherwise, I find Golf Town (44 Leighton Road, Causeway Bay, tel: 2577 0979) stocks a wide variety of trousers. On a recent visit, I saw a pink pair by Black & White (HK$1,190) and others by Adidas, Viva Heart and more.

Mr Dandy: This Rory guy is a genius! Think about it. If you’ve got all that green around you, what’s the colour that will make you stand out? Red (or close to it), of course! But if you’re really going to peacock, why not go all out like bad-boy John Daly? He’s sponsored by a brand called Loudmouth (www.loudmouthgolf.com) and is known for wearing the most fabulously outrageous prints on his trousers. For about HK$770, you can choose from boldly coloured, oversized prints such as checks, argyles, shamrocks and florals. Otherwise, head to Sogo, which has all the golf trousers you need by brands such as Mizuno, Calvin Klein Golf and Pearly Gates.


I’ve just moved to Hong Kong and the weather has really got me sweating. My shirts are getting this grey ring around the collar. How do men keep their collars clean in this town?

Mr Dandy: Ew, gross! I hate to break it to you, but the grey stuff is dead skin and excess shampoo, conditioner, soap and hair product that’s being rubbed into your shirt collars. Do you exfoliate? You should, with something like the ClarinsMen Exfoliating Cleanser (HK$220). Whatever, dude, even giving your neck an extra rub with the towel after a shower would help remove some schmut.

Mr Dapper: Allow me to continue with the crucial advice here, with my wife dictating at my shoulder. All stains, she says, require spot treatment, meaning a tumble in the washer does not suffice. Every stained item must be individually treated with the appropriate stain remover for the specific problem and its source. She recommends Dr Beckmann’s Pre-Wash for Collars & Cuffs (HK$32.90; Wing On), which has an effective brush in the applicator and promises to rid one’s shirts of all manner of grime and spills. Finally, a word from me. White shirts reveal the most mishaps, so messy and wise men should choose colour.