Opening a state-of-the-art designer bowling alley, at a reported cost of HK$100 million, above a supermarket in a sleepy New Territories town might sound like the result of a drunken bet, but that is precisely what's been going down in Sai Kung.

Thursday will see the grand opening of the Tikitiki Bowling Bar and, in keeping with the heights of sophistication demanded by bowlers the world over, the event will include a Miss Tikitiki Sea Goddess Bikini Pageant, the winner of which will strut away with a cool HK$100,000.

While the lanes may be a little on the small side, the venue itself is huge, and split into five themed areas: "Sea Dogs and Mermaids" (the bar), "The Octopuses Garden" (an outside area complete with thatched-roof tables), "Beach Bums & Cannibals" (a restaurant), the "Krakatoa Lanes" (the bit with the balls - and prompt waitress service) and "Island of the Gods" (an outdoor dining venue) that apparently comes with "panoramic vistas of dazzling glowing rock and island gods". Next to an old paint factory! Who knew?

Some of the menu options might seem out of place (steak and chips in the middle of a game?) but finger food is available (the calamari and popcorn shrimp are delicious) and there's seating aplenty off-lane, should you be persuaded by the sirloin.

If you like your music strictly 80s and your volume extremely high, then Tikitiki - which says it "aims to pick up where Facebook left off" - offers a fun and memorable alternative to a night out in the "big town".

Each of the 10 lanes is charged by the hour, rather than per game, and seats up to eight people. One hour costs HK$410 (including two drinks) on weekdays and HK$520 (with four drinks) on weekends. A second hour can be had for HK$300 on any day.

With a huge flashing neon sign outside, Tikitiki Bowling Bar shouldn't be too hard to find but, should you require directions, ask for 4/F, Centro, 1A Chui Tong Road, Sai Kung, tel: 2657 8488.