Dress (HK$29,280) by Sportmax. Shirt, stylist's own. Sunglasses (HK$2,800) by Linda Farrow from On Pedder. Bag (HK$38,300) by Nancy Gonzalez.


Turtleneck top (HK$6,900) and sunglasses (HK$3,630), both by Fendi. Leather skirt by Bally (inquiries: 3586 2899). Coat (HK$36,500) and shoes (HK$11,950), both by Salvatore Ferragamo.


Shirt (HK$8,200), embellished knit top (HK$68,500), brooch (HK$9,020) and beret (HK$2,300), all by Gucci. Skirt (HK$12,900) by Miuniku from Harvey Nichols. Coat (HK$29,180) by Sportmax. Shoes (HK$25,900) by Dolce & Gabbana.


Turtleneck top by Bally (inquiries: 3586 2899). Pink jacket (HK$6,700) by Moschino. Shirt (HK$5,900), sleeveless coat (HK$25,800) and floral brooch (HK$7,150), all by Prada. Rings (large, HK$3,500; small, HK$2,650) by Gucci.


Shirt (HK$5,900) by Prada. Knit dress (HK$6,890) by Moschino. Coat (HK$37,700) by Miu Miu. Bag (HK$13,500) by Saint Laurent from On Pedder.


Printed shirt (HK$9,750) by Miu Miu. Jumper (HK$16,900) and skirt (HK$22,900), both by Dolce & Gabbana. Coat (HK$34,200), brooch (HK$7,150) and shoes (HK$7,600), all by Prada.


Photography Man Tsang
Art direction and styling Anson Lau
Assistant stylist Jan Li
Make-up Marian Woo
Hair Seifert Cheung
Model Hu Huan at Primo Management