Smell you later Even after 145 years, Penhaligon's is still smelling good and to celebrate this olfactory milestone the British perfumer has created the No33 collection, in a nod and wink to its boutique at 33 James Street, in London, where the brand really came into its own. The central scent to this collection is lavender but they've thrown in a bit of pepper, ginger, cedar and vetiver among other things. The No33 eau de cologne (50ml/HK$950, 100ml/HK$1,250) is wonderful on its own, but treat yourself with the full collection; cleanser (HK$400), face and beard scrub (HK$420), eye cream (HK$420) and moisturiser (HK$525). Penhaligon's is in IFC mall, Central.

Assure bet Ted Baker has always been a quietly confident brand making quietly confident clothes for quietly confident people and its autumn-winter collection is, well, you've guessed it, quietly confident. There is a lot to love but we have picked out the winning line of jackets, including the polka dot blazer (above left; HK$4,395) and the sleek wool coat with paisley lining (above right; also HK$4,395). Ted Baker is in Pacific Place, Admiralty.

Night fever Evening wear, ostensibly, isn't something men can do much with. After all, a tuxedo is a tuxedo, and the menswear rules say you shouldn't mess about with a classic. Clearly, Kris van Assche isn't one for following rules, having incorporated street style elements into Dior Homme's latest evening wear, including pin badges, baseball caps and rubber-soled shoes. This look features more traditional evening wear, the key elements being the black wool cutaway jacket with satin lapels (HK$29,000), matching waistcoat (HK$6,200) and trousers with satin bands (HK$7,500), and a white cotton poplin shirt (HK$6,800), with the look completed by, of course, a black bow-tie (HK$1,200), black calfskin Derby-style shoes with rubber soles (HK$7,900) and the pin badge set (HK$3,900; all above left). If the last look was a quirky twist on the traditional, then this look is taking evening wear, turning it upside down and then shaking it around a bit. The key piece here is the black wool double-breasted coat (HK$32,000) matched with the same trousers, shoes, bow-tie and badge set, and a white cotton pique shirt (HK$5,400) all topped off with the rather street and edgy black wool baseball cap (HK$3,600; all above right). Dior Homme is in The Landmark, Central.