Marathon runner, designer and co-founder of Hong Kong's Liger boutiques, Hilary Tsui Ho-ying talks about her two passions - fashion and fitness.

You've just got back from Paris Fashion Week. What was that like? "This was the busiest fashion week I have ever had! I was in Paris to run a race as well as for showroom appointments, buying and attending fashion shows. I also took my Oh My God collection there for a trade show."

How would you describe Hong Kong style? "We have different kinds of style influences here. Korean is very trendy at the moment and there are lots of people still loyal to Japanese fashion. For me and my store, we still tend to be more European."

How have falling retail sales in Hong Kong affected plans for your Liger boutiques? "We have to be more careful in choosing brands. Actually, everyone is going through a hard time in retail, especially in the fashion industry. I hope landlords can be more considerate of their tenants when deciding on rents. If that happens, the road will be easier for everyone."

How can Hong Kong fashion become more competitive globally? "Quality is important. For example, a friend who founded local label Jourden now has many clients all over the world, including influential stockists like Colette and Barney's. One of the reasons she can attract these international buyers is that she chooses high-quality fabrics."

How do you juggle your passions for fitness and fashion? "Our store now has a sports corner where I can display my favourite brands, trainers and sportswear. Running is not only a sport, it helps release stress - one of my favourite moments is when I can be alone and clear my mind. People always say that marathon running is a kind of meditation. And people want to be stylish when they are doing yoga, running or other exercise."

What is the one thing you can't live without? "My family!"