I am concerned about wearing earrings. Any ideas on where to get pierced, and what to wear afterwards?

Mr Dapper: Are you a pirate? If not, please don’t, especially not at work. Dogs not diamonds are a man’s best friend.

Mr Dandy: Whatever. Hoops and dangly types are a little Jack Sparrow or Johnny Depp (practically the same thing these days), but the right stud earring or earrings is not just normal these days, it’s hot! Let’s make sure you have the hole(s) done right, first. Forget the old ice cube and needle. Get an expert with a gun. Piercing gun, silly. Your local tattoo parlour might be able to do you a solid. Otherwise, Isabella’s Ear-Piercing Service (iSquare, 63 Nathan Road, Tsim Sha Tsui, tel: 2563 2222) takes customers from noon to 9pm, so you can go after work. Medicalgrade titanium earrings cost HK$560 to HK$590 per pair, or HK$410 to HK$440 for a single earring while 14- or 18-carat white/ yellow gold costs HK$760 to HK$1,090 per pair, and HK$530 to HK$760 for each earring. That includes the piercing, after-care service one week later and ear healing check after three months. MaBelle offers the similar Professional Ear Piercing (iSquare, tel: 2369 5099). Once you’ve healed, there are great options for guys, sometimes in women’s collections. We love the studs by Bernard Delettrez and Mike Saatji, which are available at Plukka and cost between HK$5,600 and HK$13,600 per pair. Topman does great sets of one, two or three pairs per pack (HK$59 to HK$79). Have fun and ignore the haters!


I have a recurring problem that I assume most working stiffs have. I keep finding pen marks on my shirts, especially around the cuffs and along the arms. The ink doesn’t come out in the wash. My local dry-cleaner laughed in my face.

Mr Dapper: As with most stains, it’s essential you treat an ink mark before it has time to set. Dr Beckmann’s Stain Devils – Ballpoint, Ink & Felt-Tip solution (HK$29.90; Wing On) does a good job on errant pen marks. For future disasters, stock up on other specialised stain removers from the line, targeting such blights as tea, red wine, fruit and juice and curry (HK$29.90 each). Another widely espoused home remedy is to dab rubbing alcohol (isopropyl) on the affected area with a cotton ball or earbud. Hairspray also works. Use a paper towel to lift off as much ink as possible and only then can you hand-wash with detergent and water. Whatever you do, do not put it in the dryer if it still bears a mark. That will set the stain, possibly forever.

Mr Dandy: Hello? Get a new dry-cleaner! They should have all kinds of solvents and tricks to help. Try Jeeves (www.jeeves.com.hk) and Goodwins of London (www.goodwinsoflondon.com). Oh, and I know it isn’t macho, but keep a cleaning book at home, such as Jolie Kerr’s hilarious My Boyfriend Barfed in My Handbag . . . and Other Things You Can’t Ask Martha (HK$88.10; amazon.com).