Who started it? After training as an architect, Mae Kwan (above) decided to instead express her design ideals through accessories. Based in Hong Kong and Singapore, Kwan founded Mase, selling functional, graphic pieces, including clutches, totes and cushion covers that make use of contrasting colours, symmetry and image layering.

“The clutches are digital records of my life experiences. My art prints are digitally printed onto textured leather giving a dramatic look,” she says.

Why we love it: with its loud, clashing colours and busy, digital prints, Mase’s clutch collection is eye-popping. Kwan’s influences range from yin and yang theories to her perceptions of time.

What we’d pick: we love the bold Reflection clutch (above; HK$1,800) as well as the colour scheme in the Perception bag (top; also HK$1,800).

Where can you get it? The collection is available at maseartworld.com.