Chapter and Converse Just when you think the folks at Converse have run out of quirky materials to make their iconic Chuck Taylor All Star shoe out of they go and do something, well, quirky. The new Wetsuit collection comprises Chuck Taylors made from neoprene, so, as the name suggests, you can bet your bottom dollar they are waterproof. Sure, it's gimmicky but if you want a new spin on an old favourite then look no further than these (above; HK$939 per pair). Converse is available at Juice, 9 Cleveland Street, Fashion Walk, Causeway Bay.

General knowledge Look, we get it, Korea is cool, we give in. Out of the literally hundreds of menswear brands that have sprung up in South Korea over the past few years, we are liking General Idea a lot and not only because designer Bumsuk Choi loves the humble cardigan, an item close to The goods’ heart. Our top picks from the latest collection are the heavy duty, patterned cardigan (above right; HK$4,790) and the denim jacket (above left; HK$6,490). General Idea is available at Harvey Nichols, The Landmark, Central.

Maths genius The exalted world of luxury fashion is obsessed with the idea of the enfant terrible, you know, the guy who comes in, shakes things up, is immeasurably surly and “difficult” and yet is feted for, usually, fairly average clothes. Well, we love the belle enfant, guys like Christopher Kane, who seem rather polite, down to earth and, yes, make excellent clothes. Kane is still a relatively new name but the Scottish designer is beginning to get a cult following in Hong Kong for his clean, streetwear-infused clothes featuring his signature digital mathematical prints. These two looks wonderfully sum up the appeal of Kane. The first features a green jumper with geometric print detail (HK$7,040) and exquisite geometric print trousers (HK$6,400; both above right). The second also plays on Kane’s love of mathematical shapes and patterns and is made up of jumper (HK$8,145) and print trousers (HK$8,390; both above left). The shoes and bag are not yet available in Hong Kong – heck, he’s only just opened his first store in London – but if we all get on the Kane-train then, hopefully, he’ll open a boutique here someday soon. Christopher Kane is available at Harvey Nichols.