Is there any place where you haven't yet worked but would like to? "I have worked more or less all over the world but there are still a few places missing - such as Rome, with its rich, ancient culture, or South Africa or Patagonia [in South America] with their fabulous wildlife."

What are you working on now? "A modern maharaja's palace in India, the new Hotel Costes, in Paris, two yachts and a Beijing apartment."

Your latest coffee-table book, LIAIGRE Book III, features 12 projects, including your home in the Caribbean and the Trinity Country Club, in Seoul. Which project was the hardest? "All the projects were done for and with pleasure. Today, all the technical problems are solved by engineers. Our only challenge is to have meetings with our clients who are among the busiest people in the world."

How is this book different from your other two? "Each book is a concentration of what we can do in different parts of the world. This book … features two sailboats that have received awards. Many of our clients have several homes and they want them to vary in appearance and decoration. The Nantucket and Malibu projects featured in the book belong to the same clients, and the feeling and atmosphere we have created in each is different."

You recently opened a showroom in Singapore. How significant is Asia for you? "For the last 35 years, Southeast Asia has been a source of inspiration as I like the aesthetics and value of tradition [in this region]. Work remains the greatest source of inspiration - designing, discovering by accident through your own drawings a flaw, an idea that hits off another which will give the project personality."

Are there things people can do - regardless of their financial status - to bring into their homes the type of modern luxury you're known for? "Small ideas can beautify every place. The first thing to do is to 'tidy up'. We are cluttered with too many things that kidnap our physical and mental space. Keep only what is essential. Freshen up with a lick of new paint. Brighten your space with new lamps. Now you can breathe."

LIAIGRE Book III (HK$935) is available through Christian Liaigre's Singapore showroom. Contact [email protected] for details.