If you are looking for inspiration when it comes to naming a new dog or cat, you might want to consider one of the more creative monikers.

The following wacky names are what some owners have bestowed upon their pet, often with its personality, or that of a celebrity, as the inspiration.

Baron Von Furrypants, for example, is a dog who has an imposing personality and demeanour, with the "furrypants" part describing how the fur on the dog's hind legs is longer than that on the front legs - with a bit of imagination, the hind legs resemble furry pants.

Rosie Picklebottom, an appropriate name for a sausage dog or any dog that has a long torso, with Rosie reflecting a popular choice and a nod to reddish fur. A more obvious choice is anything rhyming with bark, such as Parker the Barker or Mark Bark.

Singer Miley Cyrus was the obvious choice for one fan, who has a dog that appears to be constantly smiling; you guessed it - Smiley Cyrus.

Others found on the internet include Abraham Lincoln Continental, perhaps the owner is a history buff and car fan; and Chowbella The Second, a play on the Italian word ciao, a greeting, and bella, which means "beautiful". The name is popular with chow chow owners or for dogs that chow down their food. Others are Hunk Heartbreaker, Lord Chubby Pruneface, Lord Ozzie Barksworth, Sir Sleepalot, Polly Dolly Doodle - we're guessing that's a poodle - Chewbacca and Tuffy The Wonder Dog.

The more unusual cat names are often pun based. There is Leonardo DiCatprio, with this owner inspired by the cat's lion-esque face. Fuzz Lightyear is one children would enjoy, as they would the regal-behaviour-inspired Sir Theodorable Purrsalot. Others include Sophistikitty, Brad Kitt, Catrick Swayze, Clark Cat Super Kitty, Edward Scissor Paws, Morpholomew, Mr (or Miss) Tufftytoes and Chairman Meow.

Bogey, a rescue cat, was found on a golf course and was under par (not well), so with its new owner looking forward to when the cat was healthy again it was named Bogey, a golfing term that means one over par.

When it comes to popular conventional dog names, some classics remain. These include Max, Sophie, Bella and Jack, while Bear and Cooper are earning their classic status. Other top listers include Chairman, Rocky, Buddy, Duke, Bentley and Toby for males, and for females Daisy, Lucy, Molly, Lola, Lila, Ivy, Stella and Chloe. In Hong Kong names such as BoBo, Pei Pei, Mui Mui, Mei Mei and Yo Yo are popular.

Thanks to the Frozen craze, Anna, Elsa and Olaf have made some top lists, too, and will be popular choices again next year. Some of the top dog names are also hits as cat names, these include Bella, Lola, Lucy and Molly for females and Max for males. Returning (as in most years) is Simba, Boots, Tiger, Patches, Ginger, Mittens, Ebony, Felix, Tom and Cat.

Owners of two cats or dogs continue to pick famous pairs. These include Clark and Lois, Mickey and Minnie, Holmes and Watson, Romeo and Juliet, Beyoncé and Jay Z, Castor and Pollux. Food pairings are a favourite, too, such as Salt and Pepper, Whiskey and Soda, Sugar and Spice, Taco and Burrito, Champagne and Caviar, Sweet and Sour, and even To and Fu (tofu).

Another option is naming the cat or dog after pets of the famous.

Here are some, with pet names in brackets.

DOGS Dita Von Teese (Greta), Oprah Winfrey (Sophie, Solomon, Luke, Layla and Gracie), Ellen DeGeneres (Mabel and Wolf), Brad & Angelina (Jacques), Gok Wan (Baggage), Taylor Swift (Meredith), Jennifer Lawrence (Pippi), Lady Gaga (Koji), Hugh Jackman (Peaches, Dali, Allegra are some of his dogs), Mariah Carey (JJ, the Jack Russell) and Demi Lovato (Batman).

CATS Ellen DeGeneres (Charlie, George and Chairman), Taylor Swift (Olivia Benson) and Ricky Gervais (Ollie). Celebs have even been known to change the name of their pet. When Katy Perry and Russell Brand were married they called their cat Krusty (after their names/nicknames - Katy and Russell), but after the divorce Perry renamed him Monkey. 

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