Most Hongkongers pride themselves on their courteousness: we allow passengers on the MTR to alight before barging in, we stand on the right and walk on the left and we queue in an orderly fashion. But enter the supermarket (yes, I'm going back there) and people suddenly expect to be treated like royalty.

I'm talking about all those people who consider themselves too busy/important/high and mighty to bag their own groceries.

These people wheel their trolley to the till, then idly tap - or worse, hold full conversations - on their phones while the cashier rings up their purchases. A little rude to be talking away while someone is serving you but, fine, we all get calls at inopportune moments. The key is to not let them distract you from being able to pay.

There's also no need to wait until the items are totalled before rummaging through your bag for your purse/wallet. You've been here before, you know what happens next, don't you?

But the most annoying thing of all is that after the items have been tallied, Mr or Mrs Annoying Shopper stands twiddling their thumbs waiting for the cashier to bag their goods. That means the next customer has to wait until all those bags are full before the cashier can begin to help them. Each transaction takes twice as long as it should, meaning you wait in line twice as long as you should, all because certain people don't want to lift a finger.

In North America and Britain, "bag boys" are a thing of the past. People go grocery shopping knowing full well that they will be packing their own bags - and they don't seem to mind. Many supermarkets even offer self-check-out! In the few Hong Kong shops that offer this, the self-check-out lane is an empty oasis next to a mile-long queue for a good-ol'-fashioned human cashier.