Dear Samsung,

You really should take more pride in the longevity of your products.

Recently, when our fridge went on the blink, we rang the manufacturer. Joy of joys, the phone was answered promptly by a real person - no recorded message, no misleading series of buttons to press.

Unfortunately, it wasn't long before, "Wah! So old. Cannot fix," came from the other end. Admittedly, the fridge/freezer in question had been doing an admirable job of keeping things at the required temperatures for more than a decade, but it seemed as though it could, with a bit of TLC, go on for some time yet.

Fortunately, we were made aware of a handyman who specialises in the larger household appliances - and all that was needed to fix our fridge was a new wire in the thermostat.

Not only did Samsung lose a sale - and there's no guarantee a consumer will stick with the same make after a breakdown - it also failed to bank the repair fee. And it must be occurring to even the most ardent adherents of built-in obsolescence that a throwaway approach will ultimately be bad for business - because, as the planet groans under the weight of ever more stuff, people are waking up to the senselessness of endless consumption.

The first maker of white goods that boasts of how well made and long lasting its products are gets my loyalty - and dollars, once the old girl that looks after our beers and frozen veg does finally shuffle off to the Great Pantry in the Sky.