Police officers are expected to set an example to the public rather than behave as though they are above the laws it's their job to enforce. That's why it's especially objectionable (and counterproductive) to see a video online that shows what appears to be a gang of policemen beating up a protester.

Bad driving habits are another poor example to set the public. While it may be acceptable for officers to obstruct entrances, park on double yellow lines or break speed limits in the line of duty, sloppy driving is another matter.

Hong Kong has its fair share of antisocial motorists, a number of whom are bamboozled by roundabouts. Some seem to believe indicators are no more than a nuisance that drains the car's battery. You wonder, sometimes, how these people passed their driving test.

It is therefore disappointing to find a police car in front of you turning without the driver having indicated, which happens with surprising frequency. Driving along a country road at dusk, as I was recently, it was astounding to see the only car coming in the opposite direction without its lights turned on was a marked police Mazda.

Possibly the worst example of careless driving by a member of "Asia's finest", though, was the officer I saw riding a police motorbike with one hand on the handlebars, staring at his mobile phone.

Please, officers, be professional. Set an example and help improve road safety.