"Asia's World City" is a representation of Hong Kong that is perhaps lost on the vast majority of migrant youth in the city, who live below the poverty line, attend segregated schools and don't benefit from proper health care and education, all while trying to hurdle the many language and cultural barriers thrown up in front of them.

Pradyumn Dayal wants to change that and he aims to do it through a campaign.

"Move4Migrants is all about empowering ethnic minority/migrant youth so they can be integrated into local community," says the 16-year-old Hong Kong-born Indian.

The project has received support from several consulates and embassies, educators, business leaders and philanthropist as well as prominent lawyers and minority activists, including Puja Kapai, associate professor of law at the University of Hong Kong.

The Move4Migrants inauguration ceremony will be held today while a second event, Squash4Migrants, will be held on August 28, bringing together the Hong Kong financial community for a day of friendly squash matches and fundraising.

"Minority and migrant youngsters can become valuable members of the Hong Kong community," says Dayal. "Move4Migrants helps empower the minority/migrant youth in four areas [education, health care, sports and professional development], which will hopefully go a long way to creating a sustainable, diverse and safe talent pool in Hong Kong in the years to come.

"Funds raised will go towards free workshops for minority children, such as sports training, a language workshop, career development workshop, medical camps and even a flying experience."

For more details, visit move4migrants.com.