In the second instalment of Shaynna’s World of Design (TVB Pearl, June 29 at 8pm), Australian interior designer Shaynna Blaze heads to New York, the industrial-design capital of the world and the city that, along with London, brought retro-industrial interior design to global attention. And where would we be without loftstyle living, eh?

As a leading force in art-deco architecture and design, the Big Apple boasts a huge heritage of industrial design. In addition to being a television personality, Blaze is a reputed lighting designer, and in New York she seeks out a gritty style to give edge to her ideas.

Much like their Hong Kong cousins, New Yorkers squeeze into tiny apartments, with 90 sq ft pads not uncommon. How would it be possible for such a small apartment to include a private bathroom? Blaze meets a designer who found a solution to just that problem and created a show home in what people used to more spacious accommodation might consider a cupboard.

With her head full of influences, such as combining elegant Italian curves with the industrial edge of New York, Blaze returns to her studio in Melbourne, Australia, to design a lighting range that ties together all her travels. She prepares for the world’s biggest interior design trade fair in Atlanta, in the United States, and as the prototypes for her designs begin to arrive, she gets ready to launch her new lighting range to the world. Tune in for a flash of inspiration.

A new series of Well Being: Trust Me, I’m a Doctor returns on Thursdays (from June 30, TVB Pearl, at 9.35pm). Although no substitute for visiting a real doctor, of course, the show offers some insight into maladies both common and rare.

In the first episode, Dr Saleyha Ahsan explains how to spot the signs of deep vein thrombosis (DVT), which, as we should all know, can be brought on by long-haul flights.

Other major triggers for the condition include hospital stays and sedentary lifestyles; a special term, “e-thrombosis”, has even been coined for DVT cases brought on by sitting for extended periods in front of a computer (note to self: type faster).

Dr Chris van Tulleken takes a closer look at herbal supplements. A number of products are tested to see whether they actually contain the ingredients stated on the label. The results are interesting, to say the least.