Need help? Then look no further. A new app aimed at pairing domestic helpers with stressed out working mums on the hunt for childcare solutions has brought Hong Kong one step closer to being the land with an app for everything.

HelperLibrary, the first mobile app designed to connect employers and helpers, is available in English, Chinese and Indonesian. Focusing on six categories – domestic helpers, maternity specialists, part-time home cleaners, Chinese drivers, babysitters and foreign drivers – the two mums behind the venture, Lo Ka-man and Ho Mei-bo, say it heralds a “new era” in the domestic helper market (which is certainly in dire need of a shake-up; the app was released in March, the same month a Hong Kong Justice Centre report concluded one in six domestic helpers work under conditions of “forced labour”).

Indeed any alternative to the nefarious employment agencies, especially one that gives helpers greater control, is very welcome.

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