Fancy winter in Venice or spring in New York but don’t want to buy flight tickets now in case you can’t travel later?

Now you can secure bookings for up to nine people with a US$10 deposit using Gagfare, the world’s first book-now-pay-later flight-booking app.

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“Gagfare taps into multiple global distribution systems specifically for flight reservations, enabling customers to search and book their flights directly through the airlines’ own systems,” says David Leung, founder of the Hong Kong travel company. “This gives travellers access to promotional deals they may never encounter elsewhere online, ensuring that Gagfare offers the best airfare, on any given travel day, on any given flight, on any of the world’s leading 500 airlines.”

Customers can choose their favourite airlines, search alternative routes and even book multiple-stop itineraries. But the best thing about the app, says Leung, is that you’re protected: “Travellers can make travel plans well in advance, and if something comes up and they need to cancel the itinerary, all it costs is the price of a cup of coffee.”